"andromeda visiting kaleidoskop"

This video work is a conglomerat of the perceptual
options. The coincidence of abstraction - geometrical form, body - mind, statue - life, universe - macroscopy. The sound creates the pictures, the colours constitutes the movement.
The uncounting universe gathering the endless small world. Time is running. Being is abidance.
The all-embracing from the outer space until the
biological bacterium let the humanity know
that the divergences between the vanities in which
the people bring the earth in disequilibrium
must be conquered for an seriously advancement
for the economical, ecological and psychological
salvation. Every person got an appeal from the nature. The cosmopolitan can solve the
double windmill while abstaining the destructive
criterion in which our time based culture is
ensnared. Everyone can ignore the societies
classes and can approve the thousands of
differences from the opposite with help of the
entireness. The important comes to unimportant
and the beauty can go to their derivation the
mother nature. Looking to others as the being that
we ourselves are. Sensitive creatures.

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