The Room Without Walls

The Room Without Walls

Painting, Emotion, Human figure, Oil, 50.8x40.6cm
He has no mouth because there are no words
The room is a construct of our own design
It is here we linger, in an existence of our own creation
Here, in this room without walls
Here, where light cannot reach the depths of darkness
Here, in the existential
A reality of our choosing
This is the room, you are the key
Will you enter?

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Paul Brotherton
5 years ago
Paul Brotherton Designer, Artist
Interesting text and imagery.....nice work!
Giorgos Voutsas
5 years ago
master class!!!
Nina Verducci
5 years ago
Nina Verducci Artist, Art lover
Wow, I really like this concept and the way you executed it. Dark surrealism is my favorite genre.

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