still Life

Installation, Still life, Video installation, 6x4cm
What I liked to approach with my work “ still life “ was to paint a still life with video camera, instead of brushes, but I also tried to put a chronical element into “still life “, which is is difficult to be shown in painting “ still life”, by keeping the pictorial characters in my video work.
the still life painting from the 17th –18th centry has always attracted me because painters from that era realistic light reflection to objects.
My work started with an idea that the medium video camera can record chronological moments, while painter from the 17th –18th centry could paint only one caught moment.
I recorded 10 typical objects in still life and the change of light on these objects. it took all day long, from sunrise till sunset.
some of recorded objects let project on different surface during sunrise or sunset again, and those projecting objects-image are re-recorded.
The 10 recorded and re- recorded objects’s images distributed into 3 different projectors and these 3 projectors build up the whole image.

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Maria Martinelli
8 years ago
Hi Kyung, interesting work!

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