International Women's Day  2009, Tel-Aviv

International Women's Day 2009, Tel-Aviv

Digital Photography, Architecture, Landscape, Digital, 70x50x0.5cm
This work is from an on-going street photography project I call "touching people" in which I single out "my" people from the flow of the street before they disappear again into the crowd

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Margarita Garces
11 years ago
Beautiful and powerful contrast.Congratulations
pino spadavecchia
11 years ago
I bambini continuano a guardarci. Restituiamo loro la nostra vita. Pino Spadavecchia.
Isovni Contemporary Visions
11 years ago
Great artwork, great artist!
Best wishes!
Yuri Ivanenko
11 years ago
Yuri Ivanenko Artist
Realistic life's moment...
Very interesting!

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