To Be

Live Media, Human figure, Live audio/visual
This study is about human shapes. In particular what seems more interesting to deepen is the expression and communication that a human figure can convey with its plasticity. The senses are involved in interpretation by allowing the observer to see a part itself in the work. Poetic thought is integrated with different studies from many disciplines and methods and goes in the direction of interaction. It is an integration of multiple values. The purpose of this study is giving an identity to the figure, which can convey sensations and emotions through its shapes.
The concrete result of the research is the work To Be, which shows the reflection of the being in all its shades. The meaning questions the person about its position, essence and presence. The individual has to express his experience to confront himself and to be changed by it. This installation takes form only with the presence of the spectator. A video-camera perceive his presence and activate in front of him a video with a life-size character which speaks to him and to the characters of the other two videos aside. The videos appear only if someone is in front of them and, with some balloons, the obserber can interact.

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raimondo izzo
6 years ago
raimondo izzo Artist
simona barbagallo
9 years ago
de luss!!!preferisco preferiscoooo!!!!!!Più semplicemente mi piace!!
10 years ago
Exhibitionow Artist
Davvero interessante.
I Giunti
10 years ago
I Giunti Artist
sai bel!
Davide Faggiano
10 years ago
interessante lavoro!
10 years ago
voted: Masterpiece!
good job
Tamara Romeo
10 years ago
Tamara Romeo Artist
Bello! si capisce, ma dovete far capire meglio quello che volete trasmettere con le proiezioni, tipo quello che dicono e il perchè delle loro trasfomazioni al passaggio delle persone. e dividerlo in due! azioni e feedback ;)

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