The history of the western man has been marked by a fracture which, since Plato, has split the mind from the body. The original unity of these two components was broken by the invention of writing, which allowed the mind to go abstract and to go away from world's objects, which led to a self-doomed destiny of solitude. The flight of the mind from the body is just an illusion, and the only solution is the retrieval of a harmonic unity, the consciousness of being worldly.

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Lapo Simeoni
10 years ago
Lapo Simeoni Artist
mi piace
Pietro Puccio
10 years ago
Pietro Puccio Artist
Ciao Simone, niente male! Ti ho visto per caso
matteo vinti
10 years ago
matteo vinti Artist
Fantastica la poEtica
Maria Martinelli
10 years ago
Ciao Simone, molto interessante il tuo video, sia come soggetto sia come resa estetica
Surabhi  Saraf
11 years ago
Surabhi Saraf Artist
Very interesting, and engaging!
Giulio Gamberucci
11 years ago
complimenti!! bellissimo video

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