Journey of a Woman

Journey of a Woman

Painting, Sacred / Mythological, Oil, 150x180x3cm
I am interested in the world of people from the point of view of a woman. Through my creative art I describe a woman's thinking, her gender characteristics, the peripetias of her relationships , her imaginations and the reality itself.
At first I was more fascinated by the human's body in space, today I am more interested in the inside space of a person.

After the given gender roles I am interested in the period of mature women. Their seeing of the world after years of experience.
The woman's conscious indulgence into herself, searching for her identity, unanswered basic questions...
I am influenced by the study of books by famous authors, uncovering the myths and antetypes. ….
The world of the first powerful impulsions.

I am interested in the question of a victim. introduced with the title DNA.
Our deep individual subconscious carries the weight of our previous lives,
wisdom as well as mistakes of our ancestors, genesis of our development.
That is why the last exhibitions of my paintings and the cycle of large hand-made tapestries '' Moira'' was

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10 years ago
EleB Artist
Very interesting... Congratulations !!!

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