Super 8

Live Media, Architecture, Landscape, Live audio/visual
"Super 8" is an audiovisual project. "Super 8" is film by Pascal Greco, shot in Super 8 of course, with an original soundtrack by Kid Chocolat. "Super 8" is a CD & DVD album (Poor Records), but also a live performance.
The show is a live adaptation of the music and the video tracks. The show/live is with Kid Chocolat on the machines and the guitar with 2 more musiciens, bass and drums, and Pascal Greco at the images. For the show there is 15 additional minutes of music and image compared to the album.
This is a celebration of the fusion of cinema and music.
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Rezanova Olga
10 years ago
Rezanova Olga Artist
Welcome to Russian Competition
philou barbouze
11 years ago
philou barbouze Art lover
Pascal Greco Rules!!!!

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