Digital Photography, Political / Social, Mixed technique, 150x70cm
My work is autobiographic and very influenced by my childhood in Teheran/Iran during the Iran-Irak-War.

The social "bond" between "Individuals" (child-parents, man-woman...) in a surrealistic-no-rules-everyday's-warzone-life and the following social integration of two-culture-mixed-grownup "individuals" in our western-society is one of my main interests.

A lot of my projects, especially the combinations of my photographs (e.g. like a triptichon) are based on a Theory called "Kuleshov Effect".
It describes the total change of a meaning of a whole video-sequence only by replacing a single fragment of it.
So you can also change, in photography, in a sequence of photographs, the meaning of an already viewed photo only by the successive one.
I blur faces, objects... in my photographs to avoid one of the main objectives of "photography"... replicating reality,... I build my own reality... like in surrealism (painting) everything is going to become more "object"... objects for creating an own world. As a photographer I'm not an observer, I'm more an collector of fragments which I put together in a new, in my, context... to communicate.

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nicoletta acerbi
8 years ago
Spendida, intensa e comunicativa. complimenti
ZIQQURAT ugocròm Zatini
9 years ago
Sonya Whitefield
9 years ago
I really like your work.Ambiguity and edginess. well done.
Sia Kermani
9 years ago
Sia Kermani Artist
My photographs should be considered like a "Rorschach-Test" (Ink-Stain-Test for psycho-diagnostic purposes). Just because nothing is sharp and "predetermined" every viewer has the opportunity to enter his own world, created by the unique combination of my photo (germ) and its own personality, its own past, its own desires and abysses.

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