Thinking hyper realism as a suitable tool to investigate also about the less immediate reality, I made this design with the aim of showing a moment of life told through different focus perception levels.
"Beyond" expands the physical space, revealing the depth and at the same time cancels the distances between things when they are projected in the evanescent illusion of a reflection, or in the flash of memory.

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mario dagrada
4 years ago
mario dagrada Artist
Mostruosamente bravo
Paul Brotherton
5 years ago
Paul Brotherton Designer, Artist
Fantastic work, great technique!!
Marco Tidu
5 years ago
Marco Tidu Artist
Thanx's only drawn.. ;)
5 years ago
Nicci Artist, Designer, Painter
Wow, what an awesome study in hyper-realism, Marco!! Incredible ... it does look like a photo!

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