The Solitude of Prime Numbers
(acrylic on canvas 40x40)

Sometimes we feel alien in a world that we don't recognize, that don't recognize us. The existential loneliness that consumes the flesh and burning desires dissonant is represented by a human figure, seated on an outcrop of gray rock, a kind of contemporary philosopher, crushed by a star above the canvas and hanging over undefined figures, monsters that inhabit the horizon. Close-up face of a pensive man who embodies the infinite spiritual persons. A curious particular: first, and preparatory sketches, there was no face in the foreground. But with the canvas transfer, and the coloring of canvas, the bottom face has emerged alone, ambiguous and enigmatic. Short story even on the title. The picture had just been drafted and I went to the region of Molise to ask on behalf of a competition in which I had participated. When the arguments of the employee for groped to explain that my application had not been assessed have flashed me the impenetrability of the corporate glass ceiling where I had come across, the disappointment was great. But it was the answer I was looking for the thirsty soul. And so, without even thinking about it, the title came out alone.
3 novembre 2014

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Mina Cappussi
5 years ago
Mina Cappussi Artist, Photographer, Media
Come Vittorio parli del quadro? C'è scritto, 50x 60...
buona giornata
Vittorio Pasotti
5 years ago
Forse mi piace...... ma il suo formato?

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