Painting, Symbol / Letter, Philosophy, Mixed technique, 87x87x08cm
On a canvas are painted mouths happen in a storm while enjoying cherries, with the last to express the satisfaction of desire.
It is a symbolic expression of the desire that is left free interpretation.
The frame plexiglass to mean the evidence, the liveliness, the urge release of drives, desires, aspirations, dreams, etc. It is filled with cherries, fruit that by definition it is said that one leads to another, to represent how life is a transparent container, nicely visible, despite attempts to hide our desires.
To reinforce this concept at the rear were installed LED lights, which ensure a work night vision, putting it into prominence.
A work which I believe represents a new style of innovation in the choice of the frame, which is part and complete the work itself and gives a modern look, colorful, different, original. The choice of design and technique with the addition of silicon, highlights the color and shape with respect to the linearity of the background.

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