Video, Human figure, Short film, 3:35
The “Flag” video is already the fourth version or edition of the film. Patrik Kova?ovský in his works often overlaps several video layers - using his own videoworks created between 1993 to date, and various video formats - ranging from VHS, Hi8, DV to the most up-to-date HDV. The artist is mostly interested in the transformation or passing of the time (time databus and archival record). Sometimes he records the everyday moments such as landscape, architecture or people, almost in a documentary way. These recordings he later rhytmically overlaps one through another, adding also some short studio feature films. Thus, he creates some kind of fluent picture full of motion, changing existencialist scenes and varied rasters that are a natural result of the conversion and differing quality of individual already mentioned video formats.

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Renato Zacchia
10 years ago
Very good. Perfect the choice Trance Classic as soundtrack
10 years ago
Carlo Artist
Bellissimo!! COMPLIMENTI! posso chiederti anche di chi sono le musiche??

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