In 1492 in Spain Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile called The Catholic,
through the Inquisition, they decided to expel all Jews from Spain,
unless they converted to Christianity by force. Within a few days
200,000 Jews who did not convert were expelled and all their property seized.
Soon after it was applied the same law for the Jews of Portugal and Sicily that then
was a Spanish province.
Many Jews were tortured and killed in the prisons of the Inquisition, others died of starvation during the exodus to the Ottoman Empire that welcomed.
My ancestors, originating from the expulsion dispersed in various countries of the Mediterranean where they lived in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and where they attended to commerce.
In Scripture when you kill one person you talk about "bloods" in the plural because with the removal of a person follows the suppression of entire generations of men and women descendants.
In a recent trip to Sicily in search of his Jewish history, I found that there is nothing that speaks of centuries of Jewish history, and settlements that extended throughout, including small rural villages, there are nomore traces of an ancient civilization that was an integral part of the Sicilian population.
There are nomore symbols of Jewish culture that has been eradicated with the same violence and brutality than in Spain. The whole historical memory has been erased.
In this photo my vision of what is left of the history of Judaism today in Sicily and the photo of a Spanish or Sicilian family that could not see the light.

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