Incomprensione ( fra padre e figlio)

Incomprensione ( fra padre e figlio)

Painting, Hate, Family, Love, 100x100x2cm
A father and a son: two different worlds, two different attitudes. The father is hard, still, still, closed to any possibility of communication. The son desperately trying to communicate with his father. She looks at him with big eyes spiral, symbol of desperate love. The son seems to rise to speak, metaphysically to approach the level of the parent. The hands are open, relaxed, ready to embrace the parent. The father responds to all this standing still, with your mouth closed and hostile, with eyes spiral with a very different meaning from that of the child. The eyes represent the folly of wanting to keep the positions ironclad. Hands forming fists, everything seems hostile. Below, in the center, some casually lights come to symbolize glimmers of softening for a start communication.

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