The Greatest Day

The Greatest Day

The Greatest Day begins with a work of recovery: the photographs belong to the family album. To be more precise, photographs belong to the wedding album.
We can say that they are historical photos, because they are a testimony to the history, even if we talk about the personal history of the artist.
The technique is the digital cut-out, cut and paste from which emerge quirky and original collages. The existing scenes become unique illusions, places and spaces are mixed. The young couple are removed from the key moments of their wedding to be re-contextualized it in the form of atmosphere. The bodies lose materiality to become nature. What is obvious is restored, acquires a different dimension. The figures are transformed, are inconsistent souls of rock, souls of the forest. The images are complex, layered, fully bring into question the reality. Every single collage is an appropriation of the original reorganized.
The decision to intervene directly on the photos of a wedding wants to investigate shrouded aspects of the wedding ceremony and desecrate representative icons of the ceremony. In these case collages want to put the attention to the confusing and conflicting emotions of the happiest day, to fears related to the future married life, to worries about the change of life and finally to the loss resulting from the choice of relying entirely to the lover.

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Paul Brotherton
5 years ago
Paul Brotherton Artist, Designer
A fascinating conceptual piece, with interesting technique and engaging visual imagery.....
compliments on your artworks!
Vittorio Pasotti
5 years ago
...mi piace moltissimo...!!!!

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