Exploring emotions: the family

Exploring emotions: the family

Exploring emotions: the family

Who are we?
Part of what we are comes from our parents, by their teachings, by their example, by their suggestions, from the passions that they have given us.
The parent-child relationship is marked by reciprocal gifts that help both to grow, but at some point, they are obstacles to the development of the single person who, inevitably, will have to make his decisions, his way.

The project exploring emotions, started on myself, now develops and takes new form going to investigate the emotions related to the relationships between children and parents, starting from my family of origin.
I recognized the importance of emotional, rational, curiosity and respect heredity that was given to me by my parents and I found the same feelings in my sister, who also represents me, in the images I shot.
Re-cognize ourselves through others, means to me, to accept, to accept myself, be aware of who I am, and feel a deep sense of gratitude for having received so precious gifts.
"Exploring emotions: the family" is a project consisting of seven images, each representing the parent-child relationships in several respects.

Exploring emotions: the family - Identity
The identity of the child, created over the years, thanks to the help of a parent, is now being returned to the parent as a precious gift. The gift, as a necessary act for the autonomous growth of the child who, grateful, begins his intimate and personal, physical and thought journey. The parent, in turn, will keep this gift in her womb: the gift that she had already received in the past by his mother and his father.

Exploring emotions: the family - Compassion
The love for animals, for all living beings is one of the greatest gifts a parent can offer to her child. Empathize with the world around us will lead us to have great respect and a non-violent behavior towards others.

Exploring emotions: the family - Outside World
To observe the world around us, to love its nature, be soaked and to experience it. These are teachings usually given by fathers who help their children to discover all what it is outside the “home”: the world outside, made of other emotions, other experiences, other relationships that allows us to grow and take our dimension within it.

Exploring emotions: the family - En-joy
How to face life? Smiling, with enthusiasm and joy, appreciating the little things, because the purpose of our existence is to seek happiness and in this journey of experiences we need to maintain a positive attitude.

Exploring emotions: the family - We'll be here, always
During our life journey we were often faced with situations where we were afraid, and the same happened to our parents. Sometimes we thought we would have been able to solve problems by our own without the help of anyone, but soon we realized the importance of dialogue, confrontation, aid that can come right from our family, from the closest people, that will be here, next to us, for us, always.

Exploring emotions: the family – Origin_mother
A look at the past, to my mother's parents, who gave her important values that she in turn was able to pass on to us. A look full of affection, respect and gratitude.

Exploring emotions: the family – Origin_father
The childhood memories of sometimes painful experiences that have allowed us to grow, to learn to love, to donate, to thrill and excite.

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