Baptismòs - Madonna della Rassegnazione

Baptismòs - Madonna della Rassegnazione

Portrait of a family at the end of the Rom-Romanian Orthodox rite of baptism of a baby girl. A special moment in which to celebrate the family. The family is not complete: the adults are in part around the world, partly in prison. The same evening the two girls will go into prostitution, the younger boy to male prostitution. The two men will control while the little daughters will remain at home.
I wanted to portray the young mother as a Renaissance Madonna, standing on a concrete block with her little girl, surrounded by family, united and menacing at the same time. I did not understand if she was happy or not on that day of celebration, probably different tones of habit, daughter of resignation. In the background a throne of windows of theatrical backdrop that is Turin, a city that has an attitude of family discretion.

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