Frame snapshots of the Video "Give Me Pain"

Frame snapshots of the Video "Give Me Pain"

Stills (frame snapshots) of my video "Give Me Pain" ; actress, me, shooting, editing & effects by me.

It's was a collaboration with a DJ that ended sourly...I was never hot about the music, but i still tried to make a video to it...that's a real challenge ;)

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Julie Meitz
10 years ago
Julie Meitz Artist
hi Emily & Renato

thank your both for your comments :)

Emily - yes, life is a challenge and often a roller coaster ride with sometimes more difficult moments than nice (c'est la vie), and with these experiences we can express them in our art, a release and an offering unto ourselves...

ps: i know what you mean by walt disney, but it's also a pleasure to see happy endings too, i mean, if all life was grim and depressing, would there be hope to continue living and do art? sad + happy = life
Renato Zacchia
10 years ago

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