Time in Life and Life in Time
(Meeting place and limit boundary between painting and photography)

Whirling dance and slow-flowing river
Color captured and endless sea
Diaphragm deep and slow time
Painting instant and ancient art
Water and fire
Earth and Air
Grasp the fleeting moment or wait for eternity?

"Just a few lines, not meaning to take the place of those who are able write about art. Just a few lines to explain what I mean in my work.
All of my pictures are fixed into “two moments”.
The time of photography. And unlimited time.
The first one is measured by cameras into seconds or even less, interacting with how much the diagraph has been opened.
The latter, is the both definite and non-definite (o undefined) time our forefathers lived, the same we are living, and our children are to live.
Time for philosophers.
The time for a lifetime.
I put these to concepts of time together matching images. The long photographic time can thus grasp and broaden short moments, scraps which are lived into the non-definitive time. The photographic time itself becomes so short when it comes to grasp the endless and eternal time which is conveyed along a path, just like that of the river flow, of the rising of the moon, the magic appearance of the down or of the sunset…
Still, another attempt to seize the day and to peer into eternity as they are related one to the other.
In most of my pictures I also try to bring a lot of color, as it were painted, as it were an action-painting, moved by the human touch or just naturally. I do not do this so as to contrast (or even deny) monochrome or minimalist images, but just to catch the secret of the existential colored happiness typical of non western countries.
Some images purposely look like those of the mass holiday catalogues. That’s my “pop” aim. I say this just not to hear: “what? My small child could have done the same”. They are meant to lure some more glance on my works.
No time and visual border line
My images take origin for those shootings I took either still or in movement. Post production adjustments are only limited to have them relationally melted."

Fine Art print on cotton paper Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Bright White 310 gsm with protective treatment. Epson certified Digigraphie®. Support DiBond 3 mm.

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4 years ago
Fulvio Premium Artist
Ciao Tanya ! Grazie tante sei veramente tropppoooo gentile !
In bocca al lupo anche a te, per tutto qeullo che farai.
Tanya Bartolini
4 years ago
un grande in bocca al lupo....tantissimi complimenti di cuore....Tanyaa!!!!

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