In the Breath of Ghosts, Series #1

In the Breath of Ghosts, Series #1

This series is using an old fashioned technique of infrared photography to reflect the methods of aura hunting to photograph those phenomena and characters hidden in the shadows of the architecture and landscape. The stories of those figures people the folk tales and legends of where the urban world expands into the wilderness around the globe.
Infrared brings up those waves and elements in the high contrast areas of landscape and architecture, and allows the ghosts of those people and animals who enter the frame to leave behind a mark, a whisper, a presence.
I carried the camera against my own chest for very long exposures, thus the breath is my breath in the Himalayas walking in the thin air of the mountains and temples.
I intend to print these images on metal in that they rely not on clarity and sharp edges but rather on the hints of abstraction and the contemplation of stories and shades within the frame.
These works use light for defining the secrets of legends. An accompanying story will be written, not so much to explain or describe the images but rather to enhance the experience of looking at the strange world portrayed here.

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