Elective locations, in which the artist interacts appear bound of casual narrative connections: caverns, mines, river banks and abandoned factories. They have a real soul, a real life and a real memory. The reading and interpretation of them occur through sensations and emotions, in suspended/abandoned gestures incomplete and undefined. Sofia Sguerri alternates states of immobility to movements and impulsive gestures, as if her body has been shuddered by electric shock; of which derives a sense of suspension and of participation.

The 'dust' is the constant that repeats in every story so often to become a narrative element, with in which it interacts; it guarantees the transit and the flowing of time and it is the physical trace, capable of describing what has occured over generations, the succession of presence. The glass containers, multi form, positioned at each side of the screen, give a metaphoric presence of the man, intended as alive 'container' of experience and of recollections.

To render the location more realistic the artist serves original sounds and noises, increasing and decreasing the intensity effects. The 'breath' like the sound of the 'wind' are vital elements and symbolize the constant passing of time: they are nature. Deceleration and acceleration the fluid flow of the images to stimulate a higher attention from the spectator.

(text: Diego Alfano)

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