Territorial marking

Territorial marking / 2014
I’m marking the area surrounding the home of my mother in Nogent-sur-Vernisson (Loiret, France) with the flag of Romania. I marked a Romanian territory in France.
My mother left the country when I was 20, being one of those who left in the first waves of immigration after the acceptance in the EU. She works as a doctor and has her own private business close to Montargis, France.
The sound represents my mother’s reaction to a work I had planned to do in Paris, on July 14th, 2014. I wanted to take yellow graffiti spray and transform all of the French flags from Champs Elysee into Romanian ones.

Daniel Djamo (b.1987, Bucharest) is a young Romanian artist and film director, interested in personal and group histories and stories and in themes such as the national identity. He combines film with video art and installation with photography in order to evoke the past and to underline “the now.”
Winner of the ESSL award, Henkel Art.Award. Young artist prize CEE, Startpoint Prize Romania and the Grand Prize of the National University of Fine Arts from Bucharest, and of some film festivals in Romania and abroad.
Daniel benefited from residencies in Paris, Kassel, Chemnitz, Bruxelles, Vienna, Kuala Lumpur, Liège and Köln.
He exhibited at the National Museum of Contemporary Art from Bucharest, Museum of Moscow, Kunsthaus Dresden, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) and the ESSL museum from Vienna. Daniel had solo exhibitions in Glasgow, Kassel, Torino, Viena and Leipzig, while presenting his works in group exhibitions in the Czech Republic, USA,Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Algeria, The Phillipines, Greece, Iran, Ucraine, Wales, Estonia etc.
His video artworks have been screened in numerous video art and film festivals.
He is a PhD candidate at the National University of Fine Arts from Bucharest.

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Marieke Kruger
2 years ago
I found the humorous aspect in your work refreshing...one of the few of the finalist's artworks that were thought provoking, yet brought unexpected moments of humor!
elaine byrne
3 years ago
elaine byrne Artist
I love it ! Perverting the French Flag !!
elaine byrne
3 years ago
elaine byrne Artist
I love it ! Perverting the French Flag !!
3 years ago
andryoana Artist
Vaiiiii!!!! Hahaha......ce ne-a făcut comunismul, e de plâns

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