Traversata del Gobi

Traversata del Gobi

Digital photography and postproduction. Giclée print on cotton paper - 3 Copies

In an old interview Alejandro Jodorowsky said about Castaneda’s stories: if it’s a trick, it’s a holy trick. One of the various implications of this intuition is that for which an experience must not have happened as it is narrated to be considered true. A story that is not poetic is just a chronicle that miss all the the deeper and the incommunicable aspects. We could say that a holy trick is a symbolic guise applied to a story provided that we give to the words symbol and trick the same weight. Symbols can be very slight in our lives, a trick instead can burst into everything with great violence. The holy trick is the real protagonist of Crossing the Gobi, that clearly refers to a passage from the book Meetings with Remarkable Men by G.I. Gurdjieff in which the concepts of impossible, real and unrealistic correspond and open the way to the intuition of new and deep truth.

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Giusi Lorelli
5 years ago
Giusi Lorelli Artist
Grazie Vittorio, sono d’accordo con te, quel libro lascia il segno.
Vittorio Pasotti
5 years ago
G. I. Gurdjieff é stato sicuramente un grande personaggio e il libro ,, Incontri con personaggi straordinari ,, é stato per me un grande
incontro e la tua citazione mi fa molto piacere. Vittorio

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