Shoah I Risvolti del pregiudizio

Shoah I Risvolti del pregiudizio

Seventy years after the liberation of the Nazi death camps, the homage is addressed to all the victims represented in the painting, chosen for the poster, The Implications of the injury. Through the tears of the Jewish people, unravel all the other figures in boxed brown triangles (Gypsies), blacks (subjects anti social and lesbians), red (dissidents), purple (Jehovah's Witnesses), blue (immigrants), pink ( homosexuals), green (criminals), represented in the form of a make-up smudged, an artifice as their classification. The other paintings outline, evoking illustrious personalities from the world of art, philosophy, literature educated in their existential drama and artistic. Each of them has a face, a sign of how man can get into the deepest abyss to create the greatest catastrophe that the '900 can and should remember. The intent is to allow, through art, to know and remember the people killed by an absurd "final solution".

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Enza Calabrese
5 years ago
Davvero intenso. In bocca al lupo e grazie per la tua arte.
Lino Bianco
5 years ago
Stupendo! Ciao,

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