Milano Portanuova # 13

Milano Portanuova # 13

Milano Portanuova # 13 (limited edition of 3, this photo n. 1 of 3, flatbed UV print on plexiglass and dibond, cm 120x80)
This photo is part of the series “Biocities Two”, that is a research on geometrical abstraction.
My research began photographing landscapes of contemporary architecture. Using particular shooting perspectives and compressing the depth of the place through a strong zoom, I transform the landscapes of contemporary architecture in abstract geometries, in which depth and three-dimensionality of the original place often disappear altogether.
I do the next step with the series “(De)Compositions-Metaphor of Life”, that I propose as a project in this edition of Celeste Prize 2015. Here, using the same geometrical shapes that are in the architectural photo, I realize installations in plexiglass and glass sculptures in which I recovery the three-dimensionality of original location, but reintepreting it.
Then the path starts from the three-dimensional architecture to arrive at the two-dimensionality of a geometric abstract photography, and then returned again to three-dimensional installations in plexiglass or glass sculptures formed by the geometric elements that made up the photograph.
The result of this change is a different place than the original, but made with his own bricks: another environment, or a new and different person, but always of the same original material.
It is a conceptual circuit in which you can probably gather reminiscences of artists like Malevich, Mondrian, El Lissitsky, Rothko, Peter Halley, but also of psychiatrists as Freud, Jung and others.

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Carlo D'Orta
5 years ago
Carlo D'Orta Artist
Thanks to you both, Paul and Yen-Ting. And please ...note that this is not a composition of images, but really a single image of buildings in the new area in Milan Portanuova!! It is all question of point of photographic shoot!
Yen-Ting  Cho
5 years ago
Yen-Ting Cho Artist, Designer, Education
I really like the composition which creates a result both figurative and abstract and a sense of peeking!
Paul Brotherton
5 years ago
Paul Brotherton Artist, Designer
Really interesting artistic process, resulting in a fascinating composition.....
compliments on this series of works!

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