Inside out

The video is introduced by the next phrase (which is repeated in image and audio),

"Sometimes god dies,
sometimes god exists,
Depends on how, when and where you are.
The physical phenomenon,
the psychic phenomenon
and human invention
All of them as theoretical processes that make us see
what we believe
when we believe be seeing. "

The images show fragments of a female body in front of two light bulbs. Along the video image, sound and text are overlapped, then the accumulation of information cancels the contents, which became decipherable.

The work exposes sound and light to reflect on the human perceptual of reality and how this is distoted by different levels of information. There is a claim regarding about the inevitable subjectivity, always relative to where the stimulus are received; then "sometimes god dies, sometimes god exists" questions the search for certainties in a complex and medial compression of the world.

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