Lamenting Icarus

Lamenting Icarus


Dimensions: Large scroll drawing – 900 cm x 200 cm

Medium: Charcoal,ash and embossing on Fabriano Aquerelle paper (300 g)

Date: 2013

This very large scroll drawing explores the psychological and spiritual experience of the self reflected in and through the life of the other – in this case, my own experience reflected in that of my biological father. Reflecting upon the dynamics of a multi-layered reflection, the self and my father in this case, are also reflected upon through the mythical story of the “Fall of Icarus”, which in turn, is brought into context with the Biblical account of the “Fall of Lucifer”.

In this drawing I have sought to convey the process of becoming and eventual transformation through the exploration and use of different kinds of drawing trace – including culturally induced trace as well as nature induced trace and alternative methods of drawing. In this drawing the trace itself eventually seeks to move from representation towards a state of almost pure abstraction (towards the right side of the drawing) in which case, certain emotions, thoughts and ideas are conveyed purely through the trace itself. Through the particular drawing processes explored in this drawing, I seemed to hover between the need to narrate and represent as opposed (which I experience as a more outward/extrovert experience) to the desire towards merely suggesting hidden thoughts, emotions, desires and longings. (moving towards a more hidden, introspective state of being).

Concluding, due to the exceptional size of this drawing, it becomes almost reminiscent of an operatic backdrop in front of which “other life stories might be enacted”… It also explores the dramatic through a sense of movement in the appearing and disappearing images and the luminal quality of being and becoming.

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Rosa Lamberta
4 years ago
Rosa Lamberta Artist
Alice  Bertolasi
4 years ago
Waldemar Dabrowski
4 years ago
Very good...!

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