these days the seed of anger was spread over the surface of the earth

the technology behind mass media turnes war into a mediated experience. nowadays it’s as simple as making an ordinary phonecall to inform the masses about what’s happening somewhere in a conflict. in a similar way film and radio brought the second world war into the homes of those who live in places which are not affected by this war. and so it happened with wars to follow where television became the main informer. thus conflict of whatever its nature became a part of everyday life where the majority of the people take the reports for granted or see it as an entertainment; death and destruction at a safe distance. deserting reality, who cares?
technically: this video consists of footage from the prelinger archives and paintings by italian artists tanya bartolini and giulia gellini, mixed with an earlier video made of stills in the photomatic style, made to measure lamentations 3 by alfonso ferrabosco (1543 –1588)

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