Portrait of a Lady on wasted canvas

Portrait of a Lady on wasted canvas

This was my first painting after a hiatus of several decades long, having been devastated, as a child, by the accidental death of my beloved art teacher, and having decided to never paint again ... I was stuck in a painter friend's home, it was freezing outside, and I had nothing better to do... . A very bumpy discarded canvas was laying against the garbage pail, acrylics were plentiful around. I painted without a plan, trying to cover the bumps on the canvas... This painting decided me to start painting again . I am happy I did.

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Nanouk Reicht
4 years ago
J'aime beaucoup cette élégance mariée à la délicatesse. Bonne chance Martine !
Agatino Furnari - Mess
4 years ago
Opera molto bella!!
4 years ago
Cat Premium Photographer
Superbe ! Bonne chance !

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