Dormiente luminoso

Dormiente luminoso

Sculpture, Landscape, 60x220cm
I imagined a village built on a palafitte, as if the inhabitants should self defend somehow.
The landscape is composed by a wood of little beds, an open air dormitory. The bottom is a dried lake, a parched ground, with surfacing dried leaves, bones, white carcases of little animals.
From this dried swamp, that I called Dormiente luminoso (shining sleeper), rise as reed, tall couches swollen of water, luminescent cocoons showing something germinal inside: a sleep, a lethargy, a waiting maybe.
The beds are equipments to reach a gate; they are vehicles, ships, means of transportation whose garages or hangars are dormitories, hotel rooms, colonies_ that in Shining box are reassembled behind mold of cotton: sheets speaking thanks to the light. The beds kit is made by blankets and sheets coming from old hotels, used clothes, witness of man’s passage.
Wool and cotton are the supports used to catch the organic human element, composing the document of the work, or the relic.
The theoretical studies for the production are kept in copper molds - Studi per l’edificazione di una città dormiente, they are laid in further boxes of worn iron , as if they were found under a blanket of resting ground.

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Giovanni Longo
7 years ago
Mi piace tantissimo questa :)
Helga Kalversberg
7 years ago
Bellissima sculpture!
Beth Jonquil
8 years ago
Beth Jonquil Artist
OOooooohhhhhh!!!!! I like!!!
anna crescenzi
8 years ago
Dire "complimenti" è troppo poco. Buon lavoro...
Connie Chappel
8 years ago
Wonderful sculptures...congratulations!

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