Everything can be used against you

Everything can be used against you

"Everything can be used against you"

Everything that happens in the civilization has an impact on nature; it is here where all this "act" of mankind is revealed.

Lately, I've wanted to draw the attention to the shapes that our actions generate and therefore the consequences that they produce. It is inevitable for me to realize how nature is the one that receives the heaviest impact, leaving footprints that we can easily notice; traces that transform and develop new images and problems hard for us to understand, relationships and tensions that often appear in our environment.
In relation to these fingerprints, I cannot leave time behind. Regarding time, I am quoting the German philosopher Kant, who defined it as "a general way of sensitivity". My work, as a combination of space and time, represents the shapes of our feelings, which gives a structure to the things we know.

These changes and movements of shape are the ones that caught my attention. When portraying them in a drawing and then in the three dimensions, relations of materials and unusual balances unconsciously appear that are only possible within the framework of an under pressure and in constant motion nature.

This particular work was carried out from the remaining fragment of a steel plate, on which I had previously made several cuts for other works. Unwittingly, that leftover piece, revealed a form; this shape, which was initially going to be discarded, after giving it some volume and context in its space, took such a different course in its history. In this moment, came to my head the phrase "everything can be used against you" … or in this case, in my favour.
This sentence is consistent with the era we are living in, since nature is notoriously manifesting itself: in earthquakes, droughts, floods and eruption of volcanoes, partly as a consequence of the indiscriminate use and abuse of the environment caused by humans. The human being, at the same time, is threatened and challenged, and suffers the consequences of this behaviour.

This art work at hand is supported on small bases of marble, suspended from the ground raising its substance, which has a slot on its surface to secure the steel plate.
In this way, the steel fragment comes to life managing to have a space in time, making a direct reference to the way the society makes its place in history, many times stressing the environment, as well as its base has an impact on this work.
Marble takes on the role of a diminished nature, but that works as a support because without it we would be nothing. It is a minimal support to us, but it is just perfect.

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Carlo D'Orta
4 years ago
Carlo D'Orta Artist
Minimal but very strong

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