We share a phenomenon almost oxymoronic, the estrangement of the mass.
What it has been created to help us to close the gap and physical impediments and psychological aspects of communication has resulted in an anomaly in the final drawing, going to modify the ratio in those short distances where the communication itself had greater force.
Smartphone, Tablet and technology tools 2.0 allow us to see the wonders on the other side of the world and at the same time make us lose those moments that happen around us. They give us the ability to live multiple experiences an emotional and rational, amplify our capabilities and the scope of our actions, creating a parallel dimension, faster and extended our physical existence, so much so that sometimes we take refuge in it in If the "real life" proves tedious. Imagine what you do when you're waiting or when you switch from one commitment to another. Even just a few seconds are a chance to enter the virtual life. This need arises form the unstoppable desire, unconscious for many, to play, constantly affirm and uplift one's self. The ability to do it in a square, even if virtual, where you do not know the number of people potentially able to "feel" makes ephemeral reality around us.
The excessive use of this technology has led us to a addiction for these tools that have long since replaced our "downtime" in which there isolated by our commitments and we looked outside of our private sphere. But there's more: in addition to this, nor too slowly, we are witnessing an erosion of our lives "online" than "offline". To what extent we are willing to give up physical identity for greater affirmation of our technologically?

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Waldemar Dabrowski
5 years ago
Max Cavallari
5 years ago
Max Cavallari Photographer
Ti ringrazio Carlo!
Carlo D'Orta
5 years ago
Carlo D'Orta Artist
Ciao Max. Ti confesso che a prima vista le fotografie non mi avevano convinto, mi erano sembrate solo un gioco di post-produzione. Poi però ho letto la descrizione del tuo progetto, e ne ho apprezzato molto il concetto, profondamente giusto e molto ben illustrato. E allora le immagini assunto tutta un'altra valenza. Aderisco in pieno! In bocca al lupo

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