Foglie Gialle / yellow leaves - 2013/14

Foglie Gialle / yellow leaves - 2013/14

Yellow Pages, variable size, 2013/14
During two years some expired Yellow Pages lists have been collected. These lists are usually left on the ground in the entrance hall of the buildings, waiting to be collected by the appointed people. In the best case they end their life in the recycling collectors to continue their exploitation, otherwise they directly become garbage.
With the evolution of technology and the use of the Internet the paper Yellow Pages lists are now obsolete for most citizens, however these continue to be printed and distributed.
The fate of the cellulose is to be exploited even in the absence of utility to achieve some economic purposes. Indeed it is impossible to be exempted from the distribution of the paper list.
This work was created with the idea of subtracting some Yellow Pages from the common cycle of industrial production. Instead, they have been cut in the shape of leaves of various sizes, they return to complete their lifecycle in the form of a heap of fallen leaves. Through this process the cellulose finally fulfills its natural course, the same that it would have had without the human interference, in an utopic attempt to bring back the organic substance to Earth to realign with it and to question the real benefits of natural resources’ exploitation.

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