Ukraine: The Unfortunate Bride

Ukraine: The Unfortunate Bride

Wherever crimes against humanity have been committed around the world, the finger prints of the two “World super powers” could be easily detected. Since the 2nd World War, USA and Russia have engaged in the battle of supremacy; too scared of each other’s shadows, they are using other nations to fight each other. They broke Germany into East and West Germany before Germany’s reunification. They used Vietnam War to fight each other, and broke up Korea into North and South Korea. America led war against Iraq in chase of ever elusive Weapons of Mass Destruction and gave birth to ruinous evil ISIS, Russian gives Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad the licence-to-kill by stopping UN from taking actions against the Syrian leader for his genocidal actions against his own people. The West instigated by America enticed Ukraine with the potential benefits of membership of European Union but Russia will not give up Ukraine to the West without a fight. This has led to the ongoing war in Ukraine which inspired me to do this painting “Ukraine-The Unfortunate Bride”
I chose the image of Yulia Tymoshenko to represent the country of Ukraine and dressed her up as the Ukrainian Bride between two warring suitors – President Obama and President Putin. On the right of the painting, President Obama kneeling and proposing to Ukraine- the Bride with engagement ring in his right hand while holding Yulia (Ukraine) hand with his left hand. The left arm of Yulia was ripped off from her body by Putin. The ripped off arm is Crimea and other regions of Ukraine under the control of Pro-Russian Separatists with the help of Russia.I put an arm band of the old USSR on Putin’s arm to reveal Putin’s mindset which is to regain lost glory of the old USSR by taking back all the countries that used to be under USSR.
In the middle ground of the painting are the powerless UN officials that could do nothing than shooting “mouth missiles” and “rhetoric rockets” to Russia for tearing apart Ukraine while the people of Ukraine are being slaughtered.
To have peace in the world, America and Russia have to stop meddling in the affairs of other countries.

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