Initially, the project was intended as an incantation of fear in an esthetic image, an attempt to build a set in which everyone can find their punctures – exhausting dreams, paranoia, anxiety. Extremely painful nowadays, even more visible in the context of cultural trauma and entity crisis.

In 2013 I survived a serious car accident. This misfortune brought about another. A tangled web of consequences meant that with time everything that seemed to have been tamed, became wild and returned in a new version. My own corporeality and pain become a source of images. Because of this, the series of works has become more personal, direct and substantial. Behind every photo there is a story that does not in fact need to be told. It's like an intimate contact, which closes past inexperience in present.

Translation (Untitled O2, from the Post series)

"Descriptive evaluation of the primary school student
Class I, the first semester

Pupil Marta Zgierska is talented, conscientious and hard-working. During lessons she is very active and focused. She has large vocabulary and knowledge. She is able to build a coherent, complex statement, correct in terms of material and grammar. She reads fluently and expressively. She writes esthetically and accurately in terms of language and spelling.

She is fluent in mental arithmetic. She solves simple and more complex text exercises. She can apply practically knowledge she acquires. She is interested in phenomena occurring in nature, she knows their causes and effects.

She shows extensive interests and talents. She has good manners. She is friendly and liked by other children.

The Teachers' Board, 19th January, 1995
Małgorzata Smalec"
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