Installazione Forme fluttuanti - Floating shapes

The installation is inspired by the underwater environment, with bodies that move freely around the watcher. The sculptures appear suspended and floating, held up only by a nylon string, sensitive to the blow of air that can be created by the visitor’s movement: are living bodies in our space, which move and change position in the flow of time.
The intent is to comunicate feelings of enchantment, quiet, reflection on the beauty and fragility of nature.
The material used is the white alabaster, whose translucent veins have guide the artist to the discovery of evolution of shapes. The physical, conceptual, historical and artistic weight of stone, fall down with a breath, involving the playful spirit of the viewer.
The installation "Floating Forms" is composed of 3/4 suspended sculptures (according to exposition space) and one a ground. It can be made along a wall, in a corner or at the center of the exhibition space, for a more immersive experience.
The walls will be covered in part with iron plates or you can consider other solutions to create a dark background, where the sculptures can be exalted by spot illumination.
Titolo: Forme fluttuanti - Floating shapes
Anno: 2013-2014
Materiale: Alabastro bianco opaco, nylon, ferro

Sizes ok works:

cm 13,5 x 38,5 x 24

cm 10,5 x 38,5 x 23,5

cm 7 x 27 x 24

cm 8 x 31 x 16 on the ground

cm 7 x 26 x 15
(Floating shape, 2012 to add according the exhibition space)

Sizes of installazion as in photo (at Areart -Piacenza) cm 300 x 350 x 100 (h x l x p)
Sizes of iron plates: On wall h cm 100 x 350 - On ground cm 50 x 350
Sizes can be changed in according to the exhibition space

Video delle opere:
Forma fluttuante, 2012
Installazione Forme fluttuanti (Areart - Piacenza - 6-15 marzo 2015)

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