POST Operation

POST Operation

The operating room is a sterilized, harsh environment for many and few reasons.
I started my medical journey at the door of the hospital, or my tenth birthday. I picked up a magazine & preceded in the comparison of the cover model's body to mine. The beauty industry is a barren, chrome wasteland of shiny instruments made to cut & maim.
Our bodies are constantly under the industry's knife, constantly on the operating table; sewn up, cut apart again, sewn up.
An ugly cycle of beauty & body.

My own body has suffered on the table. Sized up & made to order, I went through my younger youth pushing and prodding my thick legs & stomach.
I used harsh chemicals & scratching to my body, through these photos, replicating the conditions I endured in a visual form.

At a young age boys & girls are considered inpatients, always accompanied with a deformity of body image, and at the end of their teens are outpatients, fresh from childhood surgery & scratched with an X.

(Post Op, bleach applied + scratching of body)

My body has been lacerated, scratched at, prodded and frowned at from the beginning. I represent the damage done through my mixed media project called POST Operation.

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