The project is based on the reflection about the concept of PhotoEditing:

Today add something on our personal image is normal, so normal that we can’t recognize the difference between reality and fiction.

The Fiction means as falseness.
The Reality means as without filters.

But all this, is only a part of a visual aesthetic discourse:

Can we show an Introspective Reality?
Can we show a Deep, Private and Intimate Reality?

Is possible see the Essence of someone through programme which is normally use for distort the Identity ?

We will do a Photographic portrait of the user and these Portraits will be modify with Photoshop and the real dates will create something that Picasso should define like the Real Portrait , which has the capacity to show not the outline of someone, but his Real Nature.

This concept, explained by a digital point of view, will create this result:
The Portrait of the Essence , through our “E - body”

“The E -body is the group of all our personal information which are keeped in a infinity of data banks”
Rodotà - 2005

Today the image is not enough for define what we define like Essence :
It’s a file. It’s digital.
So it has no limits.

The E-body it’s not only the result of men’s necessity of catalogation, which define something which has limits.
It is not only bureaucracy. It’s not static.

There is another prospective, not less important:
make the material dissapear, the man is free to forms in which he’s tied in the Reality.

The E - body can be revised because is based on information codes, which are not static
but dynimic: with a remaking the code, it is possible create sounds.

“The Technology of information codes, it has been born to define not to forget . ”
Vito Campanelli

After the work on the image, there is a second moment in which we work on the sound:
exporting the file in the programme we can found this one.

Here there is the difference between the installation and the environment:
The user will see his new image and its sound.
In the same time.

His Image and His Sound. All show in His Temporary Space.

Few instants, between 15-20 seconds... All for itself.
In the (not) changed nature of this moment:

This performance is realize in a closed space, where the user follow a Route, Rules and Laws.
Like every kind of institutional space.
The user follow the indication, which are dictate by a voice.

The user will enter inside alone.
The user will act alone.
The use will see and listen alone.

The documentation of the performance will be the only way how we can show the group of these private experience.

The subject follow these indication:
1/  Take the ticket and Get in line
2/  Enter and compilate the form on the table
3/  Follow the voice
4/  Deliver the form
5/  To be Positioned on the X: Have to be the subject of a photo, Wait the final presentation of image/sound, Enjoy the work.
6/  Go out

Each artist has his/her role:

She has to:
Impose the action by a Microphone
Rework the picture on her PC, put inside the programme all information which the user write on the form.

He has to:
Do pictures
Rework on the picture for make its personal sound.

Togheter , They have to :
Show Picture and Sound in the same time.

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