Segment of mystic circle #7

Segment of mystic circle #7

The work is part of the The Mystic Circle series, a collection of life-size photographs that portray the artist in a series of iconic, all-white poses incarnating mankind’s spiritual awakening.
The Mystic Circle is a game, in and out of us, through a theatrical action, in which the viewer is invited to interact and be reflected, to experiment and invest himself by selfstarting. The roles are accentuated and mystified at the same time, in an ironic dichotomy icon-idol, the artist becomes divinity and mirror of the viewer who takes his place.
I chose to create a multi-dimensional work and to be my own interpreter because I see the artist himself as an expression of reality, not only for objects that are produced, but because included in the reality of things and in their happenning. The human body is a container and a symbol of the spirit in a timeless dimension, magical detector of the world, showing his new perception.

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2 months ago
Patrizio Artist, Critic

Ciao da Patrizio
Gregory  Grim
5 years ago
Gregory Grim Artist
Excellent photograph. It's refreshing. Thank you. -G

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