Illuminated Love

Illuminated Love

It was a solitary and misty night. No lights, no people around.
Suddenly, I noticed an isolated street light illuminating two couples of young people. I found that scenery very inspiring,
and I took a single picture. This image is highly evocative.
One can see it with different eyes and find a variety of meanings.
If I had to select a few keywords to describe its content, I would choose love, hope, optimism, life, emotions, feelings.
These are actually the thoughts that came to my mind when I took the picture. But I prefer to leave to the viewers to find their personal interpretations.
The picture was taken with a non- professional digital camera in a remote location in Morocco along the Atlantic Ocean coastline.
Following my belief that photographic art is different from digital graphics, the image is genuinely authentic and has not been heavily manipulated with post-processing software.

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Barbara Però
4 years ago
Barbara Però Artist
mi piace moltissimo!

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