Mother&Land is a photographic journey through the Great Mother, as nature and as women and consists of seven works joined together. Some pictures, printed in negative, signify the photographic resolution of concept environment that man is slowly destroying. It's like, in a surreal vision, already find themselves at the time when the planet will need a change of course so that he can continue to live. There is not a solution to the environmental problem, but is highlighted the relationship between the daily experience with the basic elements of nature, and the concept of change, a transformation which, if included, is the ability of mankind to protect nature and then himself, using the technological progress and not relying on it.. It's a path that enters our thoughts to create the energy needed to ensure that everyone can make a little effort to be a part in supporting scientific solutions. We need to look at nature, soak in it, because nature is Mother, man/woman, but in this sense mother female, which is slowly being killed, raped, as well as in the human race.

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