Installation, Ideas, 60x40x30cm
FIRST OF ITS KIND PROJECT-An analogue animation created with light and Perspex.
Thanks to the phenomena of refraction, an engraving shines when the light illuminates it from the edge of the Perspex surface.
What happens then if I place several layers of Perspex next to each other on a moving light?
A live animation is born!
This project is an exploration that comes from my passion for mixing craft and technology to enrich each other. I believe in the juxtaposition of these two fields to creates unexpected and powerful design.

Project, production and concept by Sofia Aronov

PROGETTO INNOVATIVO-Grazie al fenomeno della rifrazione, un'incisione su perspex "si accende" quando colpita da una luce.
Cosa succede se si pongono più pannelli di perspex, uniti tra loro, in sequenza, vicino ad una fonte luminosa in movimento?

Ideazione, progetto e realizzazione a cura di Sofia Aronov

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sofia aronov
2 years ago
sofia aronov Animation artist, Designer, Graphic artist
Grazie mille :)
Antonella Zito
2 years ago
Antonella Zito Artist, Photographer, Video artist
bellissimo complimenti!!!

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