“A moment of reflection, an introspective flash in a hectic life, a stingy whisper. Koln, with its German Romanticism inspired colors, wants to draw the watcher’s attention, it wants you to stop and look, to listen to the subtle melancholy slowly expanding from that delicate hand covering the face.
An hotel room and a raven-haired girl, pale skin with tattoos, shielding her face, crouched on an armchair.
Her look, with its absence, becomes the concept focus of the piece. The atmosphere is of await:
The apparent calm, in addition to the static nature of the subject, anxiously tries to distract from what’s really happening. After an important trip, filled with emotions and new experiences, life reconnects with reality once again, and it’s in a sterile Cologne hotel room that the deepest emotions become protagonists of the approaching night, opening the doors to loneliness and sorrow.
Suspended. It’s how we find ourselves while we search for that look that we cannot see, its absence is screaming the whirlwind of emotions going through it, uncontrollably hitting us, like a true Sturm ind Drang”.

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