Eatou Epimelesthai - cura te stesso

Eatou Epimelesthai - cura te stesso

Installation, Technological, Ideas, Beauty, Video installation, 400x300cm
An installation with 130 fans disposed in a column. On this installation a kaleidoscope video is projected . This work has its roots in classical philosophy asking the viewer to take note of surrounding reality in order to improve conditions and people by following the oracle of Delphi's first lesson ' Take care of yourself'. Taking care of oneself should be considered the moment of awakening. The concept was taken up by Michel Foucault in his Ermeneutica del Soggetto in which he writes of Socrates' paragon with a horsefly, the insect which torments other animals by stinging them, thereby making them move and run. 'Taking care of oneself represents a sting in the flesh of men, which becomes implanted in their very being, destined to become the principle of agitation, movement and permanent anxiety of human existence.'
A lighter reading of the work can be found in the fun which the arrayed fans symbolise, and from the video which overlays the forms with colour creating awe and wonder.

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