Endless Resistance

Endless Resistance

Endless Resistance is an investigation into architect Friedrick Kiesler’s architectural and spatial interrogations. Based on his 1940's design the work examines how we live and how could we live better. Phrased as endless and circular questions, Endless Resistance asks in what way is our humanity revealed in how we live in the 21st century. The work continues Kielser’s quest to reconcile nature and architecture in attempting to build Kiesler’s unrealised life project - the Endless House.

Using Kiesler’s legacy to further interrogations of perception of space and its effect on our ability to build and live through sculpture and text, Endless Resistance goes beyond the footprint or floor plan to propose alternative starting points from which to build - where the objective at the outset is to satisfy the dweller’s psyche, with mental, physical and social circumstances as the variables that determine and shape living space. Echoing Martin Heidegger ‘only if we are capable of dwelling, only then can we build’ Byrne proposes to live space rather than look at it.

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