Mothology 4: The Emperor

Mothology 4: The Emperor

Painting, Abstract informal, 280x200x0.2cm
For the Mothology series I am using the age-old fold-over technique and taking it to an extreme scale at which point many surprises and challenges present themselves, most of all in terms of achieving a unique and consistent surface texture.
The fold-over technique is most commonly associated with the exquisite wings of butterflies but for me the moth has much more drama and a great deal of mystery and intrigue. It is only right that the moth should take centre stage in art for once.
Purely visually, at this scale the humble moth is transformed into an almost mythical beast, a protector. One feels comforted by its giant wings, the Emperor Moth has thus become a guardian.
I love to challenge myself with technique, method and execution. Explorations with texture, relief and novel manipulation of the medium are my great passion. Then composition and narrative come about through constant analysis of the physical results of my experimentations. Once I have that narrative or message I then work towards achieving a consistent visual result that conveys simple meaning and is aesthetically striking, but also technically challenging.

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Daniël Stragier
5 years ago
Very nice

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