Decifro is a project that puts together photography, collage and embroidery to explore intimate and social perception. I used the illiteracy statistics of my home state of Alagoas, in Brazil, as the inspiration to create a visual expression of the perception of being illiterate. I spent some months in Laos and Cambodia so that, for the first time, I could be in contact with languages to which I had no previous understanding. I selected a few words in Khmer and Laotian and then I photographed what they meant to me. I had the freedom to create new definitions for those words and to give them the weight or the lightness that I wanted, according to how I felt at that moment. Later on, I rewrote those words on canvas, using collage and embroidery techniques, and material that I collected in Asia. The canvas of the word and the photograph of the meaning that I gave to those words are displayed together.

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