Vulnerably Defective Forgetfulness

Vulnerably Defective Forgetfulness

Since American expansion led to outsourcing production, a result is people’s purpose shifting from industrial production to democratizing consumerism. However, the insecure state of mind, which keeps quantifiable performance and consumption at a particular level, frequently leads to maladaptive coping styles. If core emotional needs are not met, then the mind will find habits to attempt ot fill the lack, such as task achievements. This work recognizes the unnatural slippage between the organic and industrial. The strict research base of science and current Capitalist model registers the body as a tool of measurable status and production. This portrait reveals the distortion of the American ideal, while the aluminum refers to the currently common imbalanced relationship between humans and nature in America. The sacrifice of the body has become the sacrifice of a healthy state of mind.

This series made up of three works. Two publications, and one sculpture.

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