POST Operation

POST Operation

The operating room is a sterilized, harsh environment for many and few reasons.
I started my medical journey at the door of the hospital, or my tenth birthday. I picked up a magazine & preceded in the comparison of the cover model's body to mine. The beauty industry is a barren, chrome wasteland of shiny instruments made to cut & maim.
Our bodies are constantly under the industry's knife, constantly on the operating table; sewn up, cut apart again, sewn up.
An ugly cycle of beauty & body.

My own body has suffered on the table. Sized up & made to order, I went through my younger youth pushing and prodding my thick legs & stomach.
I used harsh chemicals & scratching to my body through these photos replicating the conditions I endured in a visual form.

At a young age boys & girls are considered inpatients, always accompanied with a deformity of body image, and at the end of their teens are outpatients, fresh from childhood surgery. Reduce the number of people admitted to the hospital and the amount of complications mentally & physically can also be.

Like lashes from a whip I present you my body, an X to represent the final mark of admittance.

(Post Op, bleach applied + scratching of body)

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Daniël Stragier
4 years ago
Very nice

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